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...a bit of history of Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate Osage Beach.

For a glimpse into the past at a time before land was commonly referred to as real estate, when travel was done in the wilderness by horseback or on foot the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce presents The Mountain Man Rendezvous. This festival of years gone by is a unique and fun event held annually for over 20 years at Lake of The Ozarks, Missouri. For more information about this event please contact Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, 1 Willmore Lane, Lake Ozark Missouri 65049     1-800-451-4117    573-964-1008

British Canon Men, women and children, thousands of them, come from around the country and even all over the world to participate in the competition, or just to watch. Despite the name "Mountain Man", women are more than welcome and, in fact, women have proven themselves more than capable in all of the competitions. There are various categories of competition that include black-powder novelty, silhouette, knife, hawk and fire starting. Novelty is sanctioned by Missouri Off-Hand Competition. This event also offers a Woods Walk, trade or buy pistols, rifles, shotguns, Seneca, and cross sticks. The event setting, reminiscent of a large encampment that brings the pre-1840's back to life again for all who participate in or visit this event. There are prizes for the winners of the various competitions, of course, but the point isn't really to win but to have an enjoyable time, to taste the flavor of an era now gone but fondly remembered by many.

Black Powder Competiton at the Mountain Man 
FestivalIn addition to the many or various competitions, this is also a wonderful place to shop for handmade crafts which are often sold by people wearing authentic hand made clothing from the 19th century. ......If it was available in the pre-1840's you'll probably find it here: collectible guns, knives, woven blankets, even tepees for those with a rugged, adventurous spirit. If you get and if you get hungry, you can find barbecue or chili of many different types and tastes. If you get thirsty during the events, there's homemade root beer to drink . Whether or not you participate in any of the events, you're bound to find something interesting to take about in future years, or just to share with your friends when you get back home. If you would like to see activities of the Mountain Man event please enjoy the video below of the 19th annual festival.

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Booths at the Mountain Man Festival

...a bit of history
Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate Osage Beach

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